17 April 2008

my world.

in my world,
everyone's a pony
they all eat rainbows
poop butterflies.

30 March 2008

dirTy feeTs.

we played tonight.
we had no agenda,
so we went to walmart for my mom.
julianne forgot shoes.
so i gave her mine.
socks and sandals.
being the germ freak that i am,
i tried not to think about my poor feets
getting dirty
from the walmart parking lot.
i walked through the giant glass doors to go inside.
no problems yet.
but then all of the sudden the witch from snow white
(homely walmart worker lady)
told me that i was NOT allowed inside.
no shoes.
what to do... what to do...
my super nice sister ran to the shoe section
and bought me two dollar flip flops.
all the while,
jules and i were making friends.
how? well...
we had to leave and sit on this bench
until reeg came back with my new shoes.
we were not the only ones sitting on the bench.
this old guy
from the paint and hardware department
sat down next to us.
nice guy,
but kind of a weirdie.
he told me and julianne we were beautiful.
multiple times.
next, we encountered a nice lady
who barely spoke any english.
very convenient since i know ZERO spanish.
she was trying to get a stuffed animal out of
the machine with the claw.
she ran out of money.
so i gave her two quarters.
she lost.
so i gave her a dollar.
she lost.
no stuffed animal.
regan came back with my shoes!
so julianne and i said goodbye to our new friends.
once again,
i walked through the walmart doors.
but this time i WAS allowed to enter.
just for fun,
we wandered aimlessly through the aisles
and talked about maternity clothes.
then made our way to the sewing dept.
we needed straight pins.
i think yes.
regan got snacks for herself.
and i bought the kite runner for my mommy.
then i went to the bathroom.
yet another thing that makes me uncomfortable...
public restrooms.
welcome to germ city.
while i was in the bathroom,
regan discovered a crazy man at the check out.
apparently he had a very hairy belly
and it was exposed to all the world.
then, as we were leaving,
we managed to attract some creepies.
three guys with nothing better to do than harass us poor babies.
run to car!
lock the doors!
drive away fast.
we all made it home safe.
moral of the story:
late night walmart runs NOT recommended.
the end.

09 March 2008

once upon a birthday.

we celebrated
happy birthday!!
march 9th.

01 March 2008

so cooL.

Dalin H. Oaks
at brick oven.
it made my night.
he is so cool.
don't you love cool people??
i do.

24 February 2008


Tonight I spent six hours with the cutest boy ever.
He makes me laugh.
He loves to cuddle.
He has beautiful chocolate eyes.
He lets me kiss him.
He's smaller than me...
And kinda bald...
But I still love him.
He lets me feed him blueberries.
He smells good.
He's sad when I have to leave.
He sounds perfect right??
I think so too.
Meet Kolman Allred.

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This boy is one of my favorite cousins to play with!!

(p.s. thanks for letting me swipe a photo from you melissa)

23 February 2008


Last week my mom flew home to Georgia.
It was slightly unexpected but I'm glad she got to go.
While she's been away I have had the task of selecting paint samples for our new house.
Talk about a challenge!!
Some colors look great on a swatch,
but once you paint it on the wall it's either
Too brown.
Too grey.
Too yellow.
Too green.
Too orange.
Too something.
Now that I'm old enough to understand,
building a house often feels like a nightmare.
When we built our last house, I was too young to care.
On a lighter note, I'll be happy when it's done.
Also, this weekend I've been able to spend more time with my siblings than I normally do.
So fun. Little bunch of rugrats.
I feel like a taxi service without the pay.
It's been a good week but I'm ready for my mommy to come home.
She's kind of a really really important person.

19 February 2008

Mansfield Park.

Another dimension has been added to my appreciation for
Jane Austen.
Tonight, after completing Mansfield Park, I sat in awe,
wondering how each of her novels is so unique,
and yet just as fantastic as every other.
My conclusion?
She absolutely and completely understood human nature.
We all just want to be happy.
Truly, my favorite thing about Jane Austen is this:
She says,
"My characters shall have, after a little trouble, all that they desire".
I love this.
I can't think of a better pick-me-up
than to get lost in one of Austen's novels.
Every last one.

On a side note....
I watched Mansfield Park after reading it,
I officially decided I'm in love with Blake Ritson.
He plays the part of Edmund Bertram in the movie.
(obviously the movie cannot compare to the book)
That being said, the movie is still excellent.
Yes, he is the one that falls in love with Fanny Price.
Can I be her please??

18 February 2008


I watched the old
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie
with Spencer and Regan and friends.
It was delightful.

I watched Becoming Jane
with Brianna and Brad.
Also delightful.
I love Jane Austen.

for the movie's sake,
I love love love James McAvoy.
Good looking PLUS the accent.

14 February 2008

the kiss.

cosmo kissed me today.


happy heart day!!

13 February 2008

i love gordon b.

Quick happy thought...
This is what keeps me going!!

“Faith in something greater than ourselves enables us to do what we have said we'll do, to press forward when we are tired or hurt or afraid, to keep going when the challenge seems overwhelming and the course is entirely uncertain.”

- President Gordon B. Hinckley, November 1987


aujourdh'ui j'ai les cheveux bruns.
le fin.
today i have brown hair.
the end.

12 February 2008

I am a pawn.

I am a pawn.
In the game of chess, pawn is the weakest piece.
It is often used metaphorically to indicate unimportance or outright disposability.
Today, I'm merely a pawn in the game of life.
The name origin of most chess pieces is obvious.
But the pawn's meaning is fairly obscure.
Pawn is often taken to mean
"one who is easily manipulated"
"one who is sacrificed for a larger purpose".
That is totally me.
Stupid chess.

10 February 2008


This is me.

I guess really I have thirty-four personalities, and if you know me, you are probably only aware of two or three of those personalities.
So really, you don't know me at all.
For this I am sorry.
Maybe if you read my journal or something it would help....
Or maybe it is just a hopeless cause and you should decide to do more productive things with your life, like run a marathon or do your homework.
I think me, as in Caitlin Paige Starfish Tinkerbell McLain, is composed of each of these personalities-- all thirty-four combined to create one superhuman.
...Or maybe just a crazy schizophrenic.
I guess it's all about the way you look at the world.
I believe in music.
I like the smell of grass.
Sometimes when I'm cold, I stick my blow dryer up my shirt.
It makes me feel nice and toasty.
I love picking blueberries with my grandma, and then eating them.
It turns your teeth purple.
I cry and laugh approximately every day, usually several times a day.
I try to be a good listener, but it depends on who is talking to me.
My mom likes to refer to it as "selective hearing".
We all know how that works.
I am also the victim of many syndromes, none of which are terminal.
Thank goodness.
Surely I have many others, but these immediately come to mind:
The eyeball syndrome, crooked syndrome, sleep syndrome, and germ syndrome.
Just tack on obsessive compulsive to my schizophrenia already.
I may sound intense, and at times I am.
Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.
But I deal.
Most days, I'm a relatively happy person.
I really wish we could all just be friends.
And share our skittles and be nice and live in tree houses.
And never worry about money and being cool or whatever.
Because really the only thing that matters is that we are all little people doing little things with little hearts and we should all just try to get along and have some fun while we're at it...
And have a good giggle too, but try hard to leave our campsite better than we found it.
I probably love you a lot even if I don't know you.
I'm sorry if that freaks you out but I thought you'd like to know.
I would probably give you my kidney if you asked for it.
It's 12:08 am, and I should have already taken my sleeping pill.
But instead I am a stream of water writing about who I am and eating starburst jelly beans.
It helps to bring back the spirit of summer.
Put your stunna shades on.